In the mood for some unique and almost adventurous dining?  Morocco has a few unique options for guests who are hungry.  Featuring traditional Moroccan flavors, these dining options are sure to entice you.

Table Service:

Restaurant Marrakesh – Traditional culinary food, belly dancers, a full bar and live musical entertainment set the stage for this unique dining experience.  Menu items include coucous, lamb selections along with various shish kabobs.  There is also a menu with pictures of all the items available outside the restaurant and inside to help anyone who may be a picky eater decide on what to sample as these are quite traditional dishes.  Definitely check the menu before making a reservation to be sure there is something for everyone in your party. This location does accept the Disney Dining Plan and will cost one Table Service Credit per person.  To see the menu, please click HERE.

Counter Service:

Tangierine Café – Featuring Mediterranean dishes such as chicken and lamb platters, wraps and meatballs.  Also has a vegetarian option as well as coffees and baked pastries for dessert (baklava anyone?).  While it may not seem like it, there is something here for everyone! Do not let the Moroccan flare scare you away! They d0 accept the counter service and snack credits for those visiting with the dining plan.

*Thanks to AJ of the Disney Food Blog for the Menu* 

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