The Mexico Pavilion

The Mexican pavilion at Epcot’s World Showcase is full of things to see, do, experience.  The attention to detail that goes into the area is incredible.  Starting with the large pre-Columbian pyramids that adorn the skyline of the area, you will notice the intricate detail to not only the pyramids but the entire area.  It becomes easy to be drawn into the entire area and culture.  Step inside and you will be transported to a Mexico marketplace at dusk, with a smoldering volcano in the background, and in the heart of things to see and do in the pavilion.


The headliner attraction of the area is the “Gran Fiesta Tour: Starring the Three Caballeros” (formerly El Rio de Tiempo) is a boat ride (don’t worry, no drops!) that takes you on a tour of Mexico with Panchito and Jose’ while trying to find Donald who has taken off prior to a concert.  The scenes transition throughout the ride on a beautiful overview of everything Mexico has to offer, to a cave that has scenes of the band and afterwards, you will see various shots of Donald, Jose’ and others and finally settling in Mexico City.  Here fireworks are going off, and the Three Caballeros are preforming their concert with much flourish!

The ride was overhauled in 2007, and while it is not what it used to be, it is still worth seeing and will be enjoyed by all!

La Cava del Tequila – This one could qualify as an attraction and dining depending on who you ask.  For the adults in the group, there is also the opportunity for you to sample tequila and learn the history and traditions of the drink.  The cost is $35 per person, and you will have to choose between over 70 different kinds of tequila, from some of the most common brands to some of the rarest kinds out there.


Character Greeting – Outside of the pyramid, off to the right side (if you’re looking at the pyramid) there is a small path that leads to a meeting spot with “The Three Caballeros”.

Mariachi Cobre – A traditional 12 piece Mariachi band that performs multiple times per day on the front steps of the pyramid (or just inside if it’s raining) is not to be missed!  This group formed originally in 1971, features 3 guitarists, 7 violinists and 2 on trumpets add to the atmosphere and memories!


Animales Fanásticos: Spirits in Wood – This kiosk is located in the foyer as soon as you enter the pyramid and offers hand crafted, carved and painted displays of many various animals, and usually the artists are hard at work for you to see!  The animals range from mythical/spiritual to elaborate designs on regular animals, and they capture the wonder of the animals.  Be warned however as these sculptures are not cheap and the smallest of carvings can go for $10-$20 each.

Various Shopping – Also inside are various other shops set up to resemble a market, and sell various items from authentic items such as piñatas, blankets, sombreros and tequila!  There is also a smaller store off to the side that offers various crystal items.  (Note that some of these items can be found in other countries around World Showcase.) Also a word of note for the parents, watch those little hands because many items are not behind a display case!

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  1. DVCMember says:

    I was so excited for a revamped El Rio de Tiempo but I think Disney dropped the ball on this one. Instead of revamping all the Imagineers did was take the original and overlay it with characters. Epcot is all about showcasing culture and customs and even though I always thought this ride was lacking, I certainly don’ t think the changes do the beautiful pavilion and awesome food any justice.

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