As you approach the beautiful Japan pavilion you will notice the large Tori gate on World Showcase Lagoon. Deeper into the pavilion you’ll notice the five story tall pagoda.  The pagoda is surrounded by koi ponds, gardens and bamboo that create an wonderful Japanese landscape.  Inside you will discover and learn about Japanese culture in a wonderful environment.


Bijutsu-kan: This spaces features exhibits that rotate every couple of years. Currently, the featured exhibit is called Tin Toys and visitors can see a collection of Japanese toys from the early part of the last century. The Tin Toy Master, Teruhisa Kitahara, has his toys displayed in 7 museums in Japan, as well as this display in Epcot.


Matsuriza – This group of Taiko drummers preform traditional Japanese drum shows daily on the steps of the pagoda.  This ancient form of drumming creates a wonderful synchronized rhythm that can be heard all over the pavilion.  This group has performed around the world and create they their own compositions. These talented musicians are well worth the listen.

Miyuki – Miyuki is Japanese Candy Artist.  Japanese Candy Art is the art of sculpting soft rice dough into amazingly elaborate and creative animals.  This art form has a history over hundreds of years.  She performs at various times throughout the day, and will amaze you with her talent!


Mitsukoshi Department Store – This massive store takes up one entire side of the Japan Pavilion and offers a variety of products.  Near the front are items geared towards kids such as Hello Kitty, Anime, Kingdom Hearts items. When you walk further into the store you will find books, clothing, and you can even pick your own pearl! Looking for some unique snacks? They have  a wide selection of Japanese snacks in the back, along with a sake bar.

If you’d like to see more pictures of the Japan Pavilion, please check out our gallery HERE

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