The Italy Pavilion is one of the most visually appealing areas of World Showcase.  From the time you enter and see the replica of St. Mark’s Campanile (bell tower)and it leads into St. Mark’s Square.  Be sure to take time to really look over everything in this area, as it was carefully recreated to be as authentic as possible, including Doge’s Palace, and a fountain that was inspired by the Neptune Fountain.  There are no attractions or films to be seen in this area, however there is still plenty to see and experience.


The World Showcase Players – This comedy group performs Romeo and Edna (A take on Romeo and Juliet) multiple times daily and should not be missed.  Usually performances take place in the central area, and a big crowd gathers for each show so try to show up 5 minutes or so early.  (You won’t see them but you WILL hear them coming.)  They also include audience participation in the show, and make a couple of lucky guests the stars of the show.  Your whole family will enjoy this lively comedy routine.

Character Meet and Greet – Pinocchio will make appearances daily for autographs and pictures at various points in the pavilion.  Check your guide map for exact times and locations.


Il Bel Cristallo – This store has a wide variety of merchandise available.  Puma Sportswear, various Italian fragrances, glass-wear and rare Giuseppe Armani figurines.

Enoteca Castello – More of a cooking  and wine store, you will find many cookbooks, small treats, pastas, oils as well as a smaller room solely for wine tasting.

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