As you cross under the “Gate of the Golden Sun” (or Zhao Yang Men)and enter the China Pavilion, the first thing you will notice is the Temple of Heaven in front of you.  Surrounded by gardens and reflecting pools, this impressive structure houses the entrance to the main attraction in the pavilion “Reflections of China”, and also leads off to a courtyard that contains shopping and dining options.  It is worth taking the time to explore the wonderful architecture and themes in this pavilion as it has some of the most intricate and beautiful work to be found in World Showcase.


Reflections of China – A Circle Vision 360° Film that deputed in 2003, Reflections of China features a look at the people and culture of China.  The Film lasts just under 15 minutes and takes you on a trip across the giant nation, featuring places such as Beijing, Shanghai, the Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City and more and should not be missed.  There is no seating in the theatre so you will need to stand to get the full experience of the 360° film.


The Dragon Legend Acrobats left Epcot early in 2011 and have yet to be replaced.

Exhibits – Tomb Warri0rs – Guardians of Ancient China exhibit features a large collection of replicas of the Terracotta Army. Other historical Chinese artifacts are also displayed here.

Character Meet and Greet – Mulan and Mushu are here to meet guests daily!


Yong Feng Shangdian Shop – This exotic shop has one of the largest selections in World Showcase and is worth walking through. There is something for everyone: stuffed animals, silk clothing, furniture, teapots, carvings made out of jade, Oriental Carpets. The price range can be from $10 (Purses, Ties, Stuffed animals) up to $4000 (Rugs, Jade Sculptures).  The other side of the store is designed to look like an open air market and offers merchandise for the kids and smaller items. 

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