Overshadowing the Canada Pavilion, is the impressive Hotel du Canada, which was modeled after Chateau Laurier located in Ottawa.  Surrounding the building are beautiful landscapes, totem poles and give the feel of the Canadian Rockies.  One of the most naturally beautiful pavilions that World Showcase has to offer, Canada is one of the best.


O Canada! – Located beyond the gardens is the Maple Leaf Mine which houses one of Epcot’s 360° Circle-Vision theatres and features this incredible film about Canada.  Martin Short narrates the film about his home company, while you visit areas such as Niagara Falls, Montreal, Calgary, and Vancouver.  You will see everything from wildlife to cities to the oceans while you learn about this beautiful land.


Off Kilter – The not to be missed musical performance of World Showcase, Off Kilter has been doing shows in the Canada pavilion for 14 years and shows no signs of losing popularity.  Their shows feature rocked up versions of traditional songs such as Fields of Athenry, Amazing Grace, Scotland the Brave, and have added other current hits like Summer of 69.  Consisting of 5 members playing the bagpipes, guitar, keyboards, bass and drums, this group puts on a great show that will have you taping your feet and laughing with their on stage antics.

Victoria Gardens – Located off to the side of the Hotel du Canada, these gardens are some of the most beautiful displays of nature in Disney World.  This is also the largest garden located in World Showcase, and are a prominent feature during the Flower and Garden Festival each Spring.


Northwest Mercantile – Located in a replica of a longhouse, this store sells various items including NHL Jerseys for teams in Canada, Christmas ornaments, and maple syrup, along with a few wines.

The Wood Cart – Down on the promenade, this kiosk sells pulsh animals, leather engraving and also sells the 5 CD’s produced by Off Kilter. 

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  1. I need help, in finding out how to get in touch with management of the North West Mercantile. Can you Help? thank you. Dan the clay man.

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