World Showcase

Situated behind Future World, around the beautiful World Showcase lagoon, is World Showcase.  Home to eleven individual pavilions, each showcasing their own country’s specific dining, entertainment, attractions and shopping, you can literally go around the world in a day.

Thanks to Disney’s Cultural Representative Program, each host country has Cast Members that are originally from the country represented, which adds to the experience, even if while “traveling through” so to speak.  Even though the countries are all next to each other, its important to note that you will never feel like you are in two places at once. Disney Imagineers have ensured the transition from country to country is seamless.

For the collectors out there, each country has its own unique shopping area where you can find things that cannot be found anywhere else in Disney World.  For example in Mexico, you can find some beautiful hand crafted and painted figurines that are astounding to see. China offers some amazing oriental rugs and authentic silk woven clothing. In Germany, you can find what we lovingly call “the bank breaker”, a hand crafted Cinderella Castle replica with gems hand placed for each stone of the castle.  (Its yours for $37,000).

Why buy just one?

There is plenty of “not to be missed” entertainment in World Showcase as well.  The World Showcase Players in Italy and United Kingdom are hilarious and if your lucky, you can be part of the show. If you hear rock and roll and bagpipes while strolling through Canada, make sure to stop and catch a show of Off Kilter!  They have been around for over 10 years and are one of the best groups at Disney World.

Decide your hungry?  World Showcase has literally anything and everything you could imagine.  Each country has classic dishes native to their lands. Feel free to visit each country’s page for more information!  Enjoy World Showcase!


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