My (food) Bucket List: Le Cellier

The third spot on my bucket list should come as no surprise and that is Le Cellier. I’m sure if you’re reading this blog you know how tough it is to get into Le Cellier and how it has become a coveted ADR. Like many of you, I have never had a chance to dine here and I am DYING to! I am going to go through my dream Le Cellier meal, step-by-step and afterwards I will have to go get a snack.

Of course, I would start with their famous Cheddar Cheese Soup (Check out when I attempted to make it at home). While it was good when I made it at home, everything is better when you’re eating it in Disney World.  And I can’t  forget the pretzel bread!

Ever since I discovered Disney food pics online, I have dreamed of the Mushroom Filet. Wild mushroom risotto paired with Filet Mignon – There’s a reason this dish is a Le Cellier Specialty!

And what better way to end an imaginary dinner at Le Cellier than with the maple creme brulee. And they have a variety of interesting loose leaf teas and dessert wines. Now I’m hungry…

I’m telling you, next time I know I’m going to Disney 6 months ahead of time (I’m a last minute planner) I will be on the phone at 6 AM to get this ADR!

Have you been to Le Cellier? Now its your turn to brag and make me jealous (and hungrier)! 

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5 Responses to My (food) Bucket List: Le Cellier

  1. Ann T says:

    I normally go for a late lunch. I get the Tomato stack, filet with mash potatoes, and finish it off with some chocolate moose. Of course now I really want that. Darn 5 hour flight + needing an adr. Although I’ve eaten there 4 times and never had a problem getting in. At 6 months, 3 months, or week of. But I will change my schedule for food. Who wouldn’t :D

  2. We also go for the late lunch. My wife loves the creme brulee but I’m there for the steak. It is mouth watering and always cooked perfect. Good luck on getting ADR and can’t wait for your review :) .

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  4. Linda Raymond says:

    We go to Le Cellier every year for my Husbands birthday,,,(November27) I have no problem getting in as we stay on site and I do call 180 days out……I love the Cheese soup and the pretzel bread, my husband has to have his steak… they always bring us a nice little dish of cake for my husbands birthday ,,,,very nice,,,,.I cant wait til you get your turn in this YUMMY spot,,and tell use how ya loved it…..

  5. Ben says:

    We went this past week, and the mushroom filet is as good as you imagine. The ribeye is enormous, the truffle fries side dish was incredible and will be replicated at home. the secret? redwine reduction and black diamond aged white cheddar! for those concerned about children, the kids menu was about $12. The plate was small but since we ordered that ribeye for grandma there was plenty to supliment those hungry kids. Now for the jealousy part. We called to check for cancellations the day of, and we got a table for 6 during the fireworks show! Bazinga!

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