Wedding Planning in Full Force

DSCN1105Some of you may know, some may not, but I recently got engaged… YAY! I am so excited to be a bride, but at the same time, I am struggling with all the stress that comes along with planning a wedding. My fiance, Chas, and I actually met with a wedding planner at Disney World a while back and would absolutely love to have a Disney wedding, but due to the budgetary constraints that we have, we aren’t sure that will be possible.

Once I came to terms with that, I started thinking of ways to incorporate Disney, more specifically Epcot, into my wedding plans. I thought I would share my ideas on the blog and possibly get some feedback from you all to see if you have any ideas for us!

1. Reception tables named after Future World Pavilion- The themes speak for themselves. And how cool would it be if I could actually get Ellen and Jamie Lee Curtis to come sit at the Universe of Energy table… Ok well it would be cool if Ellen was there. Replace Jamie Lee with Alex Tribec!

2. Food stations mimicking World Showcase Pavilions- funnel cakes, cheddar cheese soup, and school bread. Yep, love this idea!

3. ┬áCaptain EO Themed receptions- BAHAHAHA…. I just had to throw it in there to make myself laugh.

4. Simulate Flower and Garden Festival or Food and Wine at the reception- Yeah, this would be fun! Then I could have a bunch of pretty plants for my yard afterward, maybe even a topiary!

5. Place different Epcot smells in different places- For example, Rome burning at one table, pine tree, orange grove, Epcot fountain smell… you get the picture.

Ok, so there are just a few of my ideas. Maybe I should just wait to get married until I can pay to get married at Epcot, that way I won’t have to come up with any more stupid ideas… hehehe.

I would love to hear any ideas you have! I am so busy with work and travel that I could use all the help I can get. If I use your idea, I’ll even invite you to the big day! 

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3 Responses to Wedding Planning in Full Force

  1. Monica says:

    Have you looked into weddings at any of the Downtown Disney area hotels and/or the Swan/Dolphin? We did ours at the Swan with only 4 days advance notice (we decided to get married on a bit of a whim!) and it was surprisingly reasonable! Well, I mean, for a wedding.

  2. Jeff says:

    If you make some tough choices, you can pull off an EPCOT wedding for about $12-15K. For example, we saved $8K off our minimum expenditure by choosing a Sunday 9am ceremony over a Saturday night ceremony. We know our budget, and it doesn’t matter what we pick and choose (or don’t choose) from Disney’s options as long as we hit our minimum expenditure. Characters – not happening. Mickey waffles – totally happening.

  3. Sylvia says:

    OMG! I love the Epcot idea! I think your best bet would be to do an “Around the World” theme and do a different country at every table (possibly with items from the countries gift shop at Epcot). You could even do food from the different countries! You could incorporate Spaceship Earth into your wedding cake, either as the shape of the cake, or as a wedding topper behind the bride and groom. What would be ultra cool is if you could get a setup of all the different sodas from Club Cool (or if it’s an adult wedding, beers from around the world)!!!! For party favors, you could do candies from the different countries. I had a Disney Honeymoon, which was fabulous! CONGRATS!!!!

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