Universe of Energy

One of the original pavilions to open with Epcot back in October of 1982 (and re-opened in September 1996 after a major refurbishment), the Universe of Energy is a classic attraction that is still quite amusing and not to be missed.

The Universe of Energy features a 45 minute show stars Ellen DeGeneres, Bill Nye, Alex Trebek, Johnny Gilbert and Jamie Lee Curtis and deals with everything energy.  From how energy is produced, including the history of energy production, and how mankind is searching for new kinds of energy, this attraction covers even the prehistoric origins of fossil fuels.

The attraction begins with Ellen falling asleep and becoming a contestant on Jeopardy with energy as the theme. After entering a 500+ seat theater, Bill Nye takes Ellen back in time through the history of energy. After meeting dinosaurs, experiencing the Big Bang and learning all about the different sources of energy production, you return to the set of Jeopary for Ellen to triumphantly win the game!

Overall this is an attraction that is worth a visit. If you see a long line, don’t shy away, as there are generally two shows running at the same time.  Also worth noting is that this is a great place to take a break from the heat during the hotter months.  There isnt exactly a good way out of the show once it gets going, so if your going to sit and watch, be prepared to see the entire show. 

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