The Seas

Originally opened as “The Living Seas” but since then re-themed and reopened as “The Seas with Nemo & Friends” in 2004, this pavilion is a must “sea” for all visitors.  Inside the pavilion are two separate attractions: The Seas with Nemo & Friendsand Turtle Talk with Crush.  There is also a unique table service restaurant called the Coral Reef.

As you enter, you’ll stride from a beach/coast like scene to feeling like you are underwater thanks to some nifty special effects. Eventually visitors reach a boarding area where they enter giant clam-mobiles and follow along with Marlan and Dori on a trip though the sea searching for Nemo.  As the ride ends, Nemo is reunited with his friends and you are let out into the main aquarium to explore all the exhibits.

As you explore the sea base, you will discover Bruce’s Shark World where you will be able learn about sharks, touch some “shark skin” and experience other hands-on activities in a shark themed play area.  You can also visit manatees that have been rescued and learn about these beautiful creatures.  Try to catch them during feeding time (which can be often) as they eat up to 50lbs a day!

The other not to be missed attraction down in The Seas is the technological marvel that is Turtle Talk with Crush!  In this 10 minute show guests get a chance to talk one on one with Crush from Finding Nemo.  Nothing like this had ever been done at Disney before and thanks to the technology used, Crush can “see” the audience, comment on people in the audience and even play games and carry on conversations with them!

The Coral Reef is the only dining option in The Seas and  is a table service eatery.  What makes this place so unique is that while you dine, you are able to enjoy the aquariums ever changing scenery.  The food served here is primarily seafood however there are options for the non fish eating among us!  To check out the menu and a more detailed description of The Coral Reef, check out our Future World Dining Page! 

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