The Land

The largest pavilion in Future World, The Land, is home to three attractions, two restaurants (one table service and a counter service food court) and one walking tour.  Currently sponsored by Nestle, The Land was one of the original pavilions that opened with Epcot back in October of 1982 and contains over 2.5 million square feet of information and attractions dealing with human interactions with the Earth.

The first attraction you will come to inside this massive building is a theater show (movie) called The Circle of Life: An Environmental Fable that is hosted by Simba, Timon and Pumba from the Lion King.  This 20 minute film mixes animation with live footage. During the film Simba educates his friends (and us) about the impact we can have on the land and how to care for the environment.

On the lower level of the pavilion you will find the most popular attraction at Epcot.  Soarin is a ride that lets you  experience what it would be like to hang glide over the landscapes of California. Originally built for Disneyland’s California Adventure, its popularity was so great that there were so many requests for it to be brought to Disney World. Soarin opened in May 2004. The ride takes you out over the Golden Gate Bridge, Redwood Forrest, Napa Valley and other scenes like deep canyons with rapids rushing through them and ends up on Main Street, USA, in Disneyland with fireworks over Sleeping Beauty’s Castle (watch for a hidden mickey at the end!).  The rows of seats that you are in bank in all directions during the ride to add to the illusion that you are flying. Imagineers even went to the trouble of adding scents to the scenes to enhance the rider experience. A word of caution for those who are afraid of heights, you may want to speak with a Cast Member (CM) before you experience this attraction.

Across from Soarin, you will see the final attraction of the area, the Living with the Land boat ride.  This 14 minute long ride will take you through a tropical rain forest, desert, and eventually the plains of the midwest all while describing the challenges of being able to grow food and cultivate in each climate.  The ride then exits into four greenhouses where you see various produce and food being grown.  First a tropic greenhouse where banana’s, sugarcane, rice and more, followed by a temperate greenhouse which showcases concepts and technology of sustainable agriculture.  Next you will see an active production greenhouse where various kinds of produce are grown, including the “Mickey Pumpkins”, cucumbers, peppers, lettuce and much more.  (Fun fact, most of the produce and seafood you will see on this attraction will be used in Epcot restaurants and other eateries across WDW property.)  Finally an aqua-cell where you will see various forms of fish being grown along with some more exotic things such as eel and alligator!

The Land Pavilion also features two restaurants: the Sunshine Seasons Food Court and the Garden Grill, both of which are very popular.  Sunshine Seasons features something for everyone, especially if you want something other than a burger or chicken fingers, and offers everything from soups, salads, grilled items, and breakfast options as well.  The Garden Grill is a unique experience as the entire dining area rotates during your meal giving you a different view at all times!  If you’d like more in depth information on these dining options, check out our Future World Dining section! Check out our Photo Album of the Land

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