Test Track

Test Track Signage

In a join venture between Disney Imagineers and GM Motors, they created one of the fastest rides ever made by Disney when they finished Test Track.

With its soft opening in December 1998, and Official Grand Opening on March 17, 1999, Test Track had an extensive test phase to work bugs and problems out of the system and design.  Guests line up in a queue that demos various kinds of crash testing that you would normally see car parts put through.  This area can be loud in some parts so those with sensitive ears, need to be aware.  Once you get to the pre-show area you will watch a 5 minute-ish video detailing what tests you and your car (not your real one of course) will be put through today.  Once this is completed you will get in another queue (this one is MUCH shorter) and will board your convertible test vehicle, and the usual safety talk and making sure your strapped in, off you go to be tested along with the vehicle.

You test suspension systems by driving over rough terrain, break tests which give you a nice jerk or two. Then you head through three environmental areas;  Hot, cold and corrosive (not really, but there is a mist that is sprayed to add to the illusion).  Finally you get to the part you hear everyone screaming on when your outside the building.  You head out on to the track for a 60 MPH+ lap around the track which is quite exhilarating.  (For those with hairdo’s you care about, this is the part you want to be prepared for).

Its one of the most popular attractions at Disney World and usually the line for it gets long, early on in the day and FASTPASS’s run out during the day as well, so make sure you get in line right away or atleast grab a FASTPASS to return later.  Only one person in your party that wants to ride this?  Be sure to check out the single rider line.  Usually very much shorter of a wait than the main and if your really lucky, faster than the FASTPASS line.

Also its worth noting there is a height restriction on this ride of 40 inches!

*NEW* In April 2012, Test Track is going to be closing for an extended refurb!  The plans are to change most of the ride, as well as introduce new “test” cars for guests to ride in.  As more information becomes known we will update here.  Look for the new version of Test Track to open by the 30th Anniversary of Epcot in October. 

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