If you are looking for some great shopping options, you won’t be disappointed in Future World! There are over 10 different shopping areas throughout the east and west sides of Epcot. Starting as you enter Epcot, flanking the enterance to Spaceship Earth are the Epcot Camera Center and Gateway Gift. Both stores carry general items found at other locations within the resort.

As you proceed to the right of Spaceship Earth, you come upon The Art of Disney, a shop loaded with Disney art, sculptures, rare collectables, statues and more.  (For those with kids, this is one place where hands need to stay in the pockets!)  Many of the items in here are quite expensive; however most are worth the price and is a great place to find some rare items.  I found a Waterford Crystal Spaceship Earth 2000 in here and is one of my favorite pieces to my Disney collection.

If you are looking for some SERIOUS shopping, you have to hit up Mouse Gear!  Located across from the Electric Umbrella in Innoventions Plaza, Mousegear literally has EVERYTHING you could possibly want that’s Disney.  (A side note, Mousegear does NOT have any of the items that you would find around World Showcase in various countries.  Those items are country specific.)  Adult and kids clothes, snow globes, toys, pins, hats, watches, toys, picture frames, house stuff… ANYTHING you could possibly want from Disney World, it’s in Mousegear.  The only store on property that you can find a larger selection is World of Disney in Downtown Disney.  To check out some photos of inside Mousegear, check out our photo album of it here!

Througout Future World east and west, you can find attraction specific merchandise in each pavilion. As you pass the Fountain of Nations, another great place to shop is Club Cool. Here you can find Coca-Cola specific merchandise, as well as try Coke products from different nations of the world. 

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