Mission: SPACE

Designed by Disney Imagineering and developed with the assistance of NASA, Misson: SPACE opened on October 9, 2003.  Set in the year 2036 in the fictional International Space Training Center (ISTC), you are a trainee for the first manned space flight to Mars.  As you enter you are given the choice of the “Orange Team” or “Green Team” and sparated into groups of 4.  Its important to note here for anyone who is prone to motion sickness should probably take the “Green Team” as you will be on a less extreme version of the ride.  (The ride uses a multiple-arm centrifuge system that simulates acceleration by spinning and tilting the capsules your seated in.  This is also used to create 2.5 G worth of force on each person.  The “Green Team” does not experience the spinning nor the G-Forces, making for a less extreme ride while having the same ride experience as the “Orange Team”) If you wish to be on the “Green Team” please let a Cast Member know when you get to the point of the line where the teams are split up.

Once in your team, you will enter a ready room and view a short video narrated by Gary Sinise and your group will have to decide which member will fulfill each role required for the mission.  The roles you are able to choose arecommander, pilot, navigator or engineer.  (It is also worth noting, if anyone in your party wishes to not ride, this is the best chance to exit the attraction.)

After you are strapped into the space shuttle, the most realistic liftoff experience you could imagine will take place, and you are launched into space.  On screen direction from CapCom will help guide you and the others in your team with routine mission tasks as well as the unexpected surprises that take place and you and your team must be on top of it for a successful mission.  Once you arrive on Mars you will exit the shuttle and the Post-Show festivities will be your return to Earth.

There are four areas to the post show: A “Space Base” which is a kids play area appropriately themed to the main attraction.  Next is “Expedition: Mars” which is a short video game where you have to locate other astronauts on Mars, and following that is “Postcards from Space” which lets you design a short video of themselves on a space background which makes a great souvenir.  Last is the “Space Race” which can have up to 60 people at one time (divided into 2 teams) competing against each other to get their rocket back to Earth from Mars.

There is also a 44 inch height restriction for this attraction so please be aware of this when you and your party get in line.

Click here for Disney’s Official Mission: SPACE Website 

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