Guest Relations

Located just past the East side of Spaceship Earth, Guest Relations is the place to go for any kind of help you may need on your visit to Epcot.

Here’s a short list of services that Disney provides at Epcot’s Guest Services:

- ADR’s for the current day
- Information on Character Meet & Greets
- Dining info such as Menu’s, Special Requests for Food (medical, etc)
- Translators for Spanish, French and German speaking guests
- Epcot Guide Maps in multiple languages
- Disabled Guest information and assistance
- Disney Dollar Exchange and Foreign Currency Exchange
- Sign up for special tours
- Lost & Found
- Lost Kids/Separated Parties
- Any kind of question you may have!

This is the place to go if you have any questions or needs while in Epcot!  There is no “dumb” question and it never hurts to ask! For a small Guest Relations Photo Album, click here! 

3 Responses to Guest Relations

  1. Daniel Walter says:

    We were at Epcot 5-28-12. An inital greeter, Britta, was really helpful, actually recognized us at the end of the day, and was able to answer historical questions accurately. She was really nice.

    However, at La Cantina, store #6144. The cashier, Io, was cavalier and rude, and when we complained that a single drink took over 15 minutes to be given to us by the female workers standing around in the kitchen, she got mad at us. The female worker also tried to deny one of us our snack, paid for 25 minuters earlier. There was one male worker running around the kitchen doing all the work. The place was pitiful, and then they closed the doors in peoples’ faces at 9:00 – not sure if they got their food or not. It was a very un-Disney experience.

  2. Ann Marie says:

    My son, father, and I did the behind the scenes tour of the land. (The garden boat ride). My son wants to be a farmer and was looking forward to this for the months leading up to our Disney trip. My son and his pop pop love working in their garden and couldn’t wait to learn some new techniques. Our tour guide was Erik. I know he says he is mainly the fish guy, but he was beyond amazing. He made it fun, answered questions, and included the entire group in everything. He keep the tour almost 30min longer then normal, we were his last tour of the day, and he made the tour so enjoyable that my 11yr old would have stayed another hour. I’m not one to contact employers about their employees, but Erik did such an amazing job that my son wanted to go back later that night to tell him thank you again. Unfortunately, he had gone for the day. My father is an annual pass holder so we come to Disney fairly often; and because of this tour my son is already looking forward to doing it again. Please let Erik’s boss know how much we enjoyed him. And my son, the future farmer, was truly inspired by him. The tour was the 12:00 tour on Wednesday 11/13/13. Thank you again Erik!

  3. Tien Nguyen says:

    My family went to Epcot on Friday, December 06, 2013, but I was not sure about the way to go and other places of Disney World to visit from Epcot. I saw a Disney employee named Phuong Do and asked. Phuong is very friendly and helpful to answer my questions clearly in details. With the information from Phuong, we spent the rest of the day at Epcot and visited Disney Quest on Saturday, December 07, 2013. My family had a very good and enjoyable time at Disney World!
    We would like to send this note to say thank to Phuong, like one of many Disney World employees, who tries to present Disney World in Orlando as an attractive and enjoyable place for vacation.

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