Fountain of Nations

Other than the attractions and shopping, Future World also offers a couple of entertainment options and both of these are worth checking out.

The Fountain of Nations is centered in Innoventions Plaza and has a “show” every 15 minutes.  This elaborate fountain uses over 200 thousand gallons of water, 300 nozzles and can shoot water as high as 150 feet in the air.  Each show is set to various pieces of music from historic Disney attractions or movies and is quite a show.

History: Opening with Epcot back in 1982 the Fountain of Nations was part of the Dedication Ceremony (and the Re-Dedication Ceremony for Epcot’s 25th Anniversary), and the “Pouring of the Waters” happened on both events.  The “Pouring of the Waters” was an event that was meant to signify international cooperation and understanding (the basic theme of World Showcase as well), and was attended by representatives from 22 countries.  Each member poured a gallon of water that was from their homeland, into the fountain.

The JAMMitors, are a trio of Epcot custodians who preform using trashcans (and a few other extras), and put on a great show.  Each show is only 8 minutes or so long, however the routine involves comedy, music (well as much as you can get from trashcans and other custodial items… trust me, it’s good), and excellent choreography.  They preform daily in the breezeway heading towards Mission: SPACE and Test Track. 

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