Dining in Future World is really pretty simple.. There are 2 great table service options and 2 notable counter-service options for you to consider.  For those who are unfamiliar with these “table service” and “counter service” terms, a bit of clarification is needed.  Disney groups their food service options into usually 3 options.  “Snacks”, which are just that.. a box of popcorn, a turkey leg, piece of fruit, and so on.  “Counter Service” is what you would consider your average walk up and get a combo meal type of place.  A larger portion of food than what you are accustomed to and a usually fast option.  Menu items tend to include Burgers/Chicken sandwiches, salads, chicken tenders, various sandwiches with a side (such as fries) and a drink and are priced accordingly.  “Table Service” is exactly that.. you go in, sit down in a lavishly themed restaurant, have a full 2 or 3 course meal in one of the major restaurants at Disney and you will pay accordingly, however these places can offer some of the best food you will ever eat, and some unique experiences to boot.  Now onto the food!

The Electric Umbrella

First up are the two noteworthy counter service options.

The Electric Umbrella is centrally located in Innoventions Plaza and offers your standard fast food fare and is easily the busiest place in Future World.  Offering burgers, chicken nuggets with fries, salads, various sandwiches for the adults, and kids meals of burgers or turkey and cheese pinwheels with your choice of fruit cups or fries.  Also offered are cookies and cheesecake for your sweet tooth.  This location is on the Disney Dining Plan for those of you who are exploring that option.

A personal note on this location:  The food is your average fast food type and if your trying to save a buck, a single combo meal can be comfortably shared between 2 adults.

Your other counter service option in Future World is Sunshine Seasons, which is located over in The Land.  Offering quite the opposite from the Electric Umbrella, this dining choice is possibly the best Counter Service option in Disney World.  Featuring high quality dishes (some of them very healthy!), this place is quickly becoming the standard for counter service.  There are 5 separate areas you can order from: Bakery, Sandwiches, Noodle Station, Soup & Salad and Grill.  The bakery makes for a great breakfast option in the mornings as well!  Other offerings from here include Rotisseries loaded with chicken or pork, seafood selections, made to order sandwiches, noodle bowls and stir fry choices, and various fresh made soups!  For those watching what goes into what, it is important to note that there are no fried options here and everything is made in front of you, step by step so you are able to customize your meal.

For a WONDERFUL review of this place, please check out The Disney Food Blog’s review of this dining option!

Hungry for a bit more than a sandwich/soup/burger?  Check out the two Table Service offerings that Future World has!  One of them is right in the same building as Sunshine Seasons!

Located on the middle floor of The Land, The Garden Grill is a family style, all you care to eat Character Dining spot!  This means that everything is brought to your table on platters that you and your family can eat as much of and get as many refills as you wish also.  Items brought to your table can include steak, turkey a fish of the day, various freshly grown veggies, dessert and rolls.  Did you ride “Living With the Land” downstairs?  Many of the items on the menu here were grown in those greenhouses you just rode through!   Characters who will visit include Mickey, Pluto, Chip & Dale, and while you eat you may notice that your moving.  The restaurant is on a rotating platform that slowly turns you 360 degrees while you dine!  This is also on the Disney Dining Plan and will cost you 1 Table Service Credit per person.

For something truly unique while you dine, check out the Coral Reef Restaurant!  Inside of The Seas with Nemo, you will find this interesting dining location.  Set looking into the aquariums of the attraction, you will be able to enjoy the goings on of The Seas while you dine, which provides some entertainment in itself.  Serving mostly seafood (there are other options on the menu), this is one of the more expensive Table Service offerings in Epcot (and on the Disney Dining Plan).  Recent reviews are showing that the price/quality difference is improving and is worth trying if you’ve never been or have not been in a long time.  For a full rundown of the Lunch and Dinner Menu’s, please click which time frame you prefer!  (Thanks to AJ of the Disney Food Blog for the menus!) 

2 Responses to Dining

  1. Figment says:

    We ate at Electric Umbrella on our family reunion trip in 2009. The food was fine, but nothing special, and it was quite crowded. It’s a good choice, though, if you’ve got picky kids and you’re about to head over to World Showcase.

  2. Medhat says:

    My husband & I retcnely split a bag of it (got ours at Animal Kingdom) and really loved it! I do strongly feel though that rather than separate kernels it should instead be chocolate drizzled atop the cheese popcorn. I love savoury more than sweet, and adore cheese popcorn and thought that would have upped the taste factor a bit. It took us four days to finish the bag as it was a lot more filling/overwhelming than a more traditional popcorn, but it gets a thumbs up from both of us. I am also very happy to see WDW experimenting with unique popcorn flavours. We love how at Tokyo Disneyland they have all the bizarre (I remember I loved the curry ) popcorn flavours and would like to see more of these sorts of experimental ideas implemented here in the States.

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