When EPCOT Center opened back in 1982, the centerpiece of Future World, was the “Community Core” or Communicore.  It brought together all the ideas of the other Future World pavilions, and the idea was for guests to visit Communicore after the other pavilions and get more hands on, however the other major focus was on computers and teaching guests about them.

Communicore was split into “East and West”, just like Innoventions is currently, and inside you would find a wide array of displays, all sponsored by various different companies. UNISYS, AMEX, AT&T, EXXON, all had elaborate displays set up inside, and welcomed guests to learn and play at each.  Communicore East featured such attractions as Epcot Computer Central which included the voice activated robot SMRT-1, the Great American Census Quiz and population clock, Energy Exchange, Video Bicycle, and the Hundred Watt Bulb.  There were numerous other things on display, however these were some of the most notable things, that not only were fun, they were educational to everyone, regardless of age.  You could see how much it took to create one dollar’s worth of energy, or a gallon of gas, or quiz yourself on recent demographic data, or play a game with an interactive robot!


Communicore West was home to FutureCom, a communications themed area that featured the Communication Fountain, Teleconferencing, and The Intelligent Network, all of which were designed to teach guests about the technology for communication at the time.  Also featured here was EPCOT Outreach, which was set up to show what the future would bring to Epcot, be it new pavilions, or attractions, as well as get fact sheets about all the other pavilions, and a Teacher Center which sold various educational materials.  The Expo Robotics was also located in Communicore West and was a show that featured robot arms doing various stunts like spinning a top on the edge of a sword, and robots that would draw portraits of guests.

While not mind blowing by today’s standards, back in the early 1980′s, after Epcot opened, this was cutting edge technology and had an extreme emphasis on not only entertaining guests and getting them involved, but educating them as well, and Communicore succeeded at this!  Communicore was rebuilt into Innoventions in early 1994, to update to the changing times, and later on, again in 1999.  Other aspects of the pavilion such as the Stargate Restaurant, Centorium and Pasta Piazza were re imagined into Electric Umbrella, MouseGear, and Fountain View Cafe, respectively during these time periods as well.


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One Response to Communicore-nacopia

  1. Nathan Smart says:

    I always lament the passing of Communicore but there’s no way they could have kept it going the same way forever. When I was a kid everything futuristic gave me butterflies in my stomach. Rides like Horizons and Spaceship Earth made me feel like I was in a time machine floating through space. Today, as an adult, the future doesn’t thrill me in that same curious, eye-widening way. So, to feel that I have to watch old stuff like Flight of the Navigator and Explorers. Sure, I would feel the same feelings again had they kept it intact (in the form of nostalgia), but then it wouldn’t be Epcot anymore.

    Epcot has always been my favorite park but out of the four it’s the only one that has to constantly keep changing to meet its goals (except for maybe Hollywood Studios to some degree). The nostalgia-obsessed adult in me mourns the losses but the curiousity-filled kid in me can’t wait to see what’s next!

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