The British Invasion Leaving Epcot – UPDATED

We’ve learned that the popular band “The British Invasion” at the United Kingdom Pavilion will be giving their final performances the weekend of April 30th.  Word has been going around for a while that Disney might not renew the group and it apparently is true given the dates of the final performances.  From what we understand, whatever group replaces the British Invasion will NOT be playing Beatles music, and no date on when to expect the new group to debut.  Will pass along more info as we get it.


Update April 20 –

The following was posted on the British Invasion Facebook Page confirming the band’s final performance date:

“To Our Fans.

First thanks to all the fans of the British Invasion for all their support over the years!!  It has been an honor to perform for you and Disney all these years!  We have given our notice to Disney Talent and Casting that we wouldn’t be playing after April 30th some time ago. We will be back to play at Disney from time to time and you will find those future dates posted on the British Invasion Facebook page!! Stay tuned for a british invasion fan appreciation party in May and details of our first concert appearance in downtown Orlando on May 14th.


The British Invasion 2011″ 

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20 Responses to The British Invasion Leaving Epcot – UPDATED

  1. Tom says:

    Been waiting for this forever. They have sounded horrible for a while. The guy ran the show into the ground by getting rid of all of the good musicians and filling the spots with less talented players. As a local I can only say that I’ve known for years now of the large amount of people that stopped going to the show who came to Disney just to see it. My wife and I are soooo looking forward to the new shows!!!! Thank you Disney for finally taking this action!!

  2. Amanda says:

    I love British Invasion. I will miss them terribly.

  3. Ed & Maryjo Sizler says:

    We are shocked and appalled at the decision to get rid of the British Invasion! What could the reason possibly be for replacing them??? They always draw a large crowd. The crowd always loves the show. They are fun and they always encourage the audience to sing along. We see no negatives!!

    This will no doubt be another situation where in three or four months Epcot will be replacing their replacements due to lack of interest or talent. Wrong move Disney!!!! Rethink this option!!!!! If you need to get rid of something, get rid of the bonehead that thought that this was a good idea!

  4. Tom says:

    Take it from someone who’ve been watching them regularly for years and years, this is a good thing. One simple answer to you who don’t understand. The band was contracted out and not Disney employees. The owner of the band has run the thing into the ground and I say that because I remember the days when they had a GREAT lineup of players. He’s substitued those players for cheap hired help and MOST of their music is now track’d. This change is good and hopefully Disney has learned it’s lesson on contracting this out. Disney won’t be backtracking this decision!

  5. Dale says:

    Sorry to hear about the closure of the show, I was in the show 10 years ago, although I have not seen the show in quite sometime, I am sure they gave Disney what they asked for. The show had a very good long run and I had a great time performing in it, and met quite a few great friends. The guys were all great, and this is a big mistake on Epcots part. I think they should have asked for the changes they wanted, and let the show continue, Epcot will never be the same again.

  6. Steve says:

    I agree with Dale, and saw him in the show way back then when it was great, I have seen the show every year for about as long as I can remember, I was a kid when I first saw it, and they inspired me. But the guy did replace the players with some pretty awful guys, and tracked everything. It was awful in the end. Sorry to see it go, I hope they replace it with some of the same things they used to do, all the bands from the 60′s from England.

  7. Jim says:

    I read a comment on another forum that the BI were going to be replaced with a band that played a variety of “British Invasion” music, such as songs by the Zombies, the Animals, the Kinks, etc. Hope it’s true.

  8. Carla Proffitt says:

    I am so disappointed! My husband and I have planned a trip to Disney in May with the British Invasion being one of the highlights of our trip.. We LOVE the British Invasion and never miss a show when we are in DIsney. I hope someone will rethink this! Baby Boomers are a large number of visitors to Disney and this is our music! Our children have grown up appreciating Beatles music and always attend the British Invasion shows. Disney–please RETHINK this action.

  9. The British Invasion was one of the highlights of every visit to epcot for me. I thank them for many fun performances, and will miss them. I hope they will be replaced with a great show.

  10. Shawn says:

    First thanks to all the fans of the British Invasion for all their support over the years!!
    It has been an honor to perform for you and Disney all these years!
    We gave our notice to Disney Talent and Casting that we wouldn’t be playing after April 30th some time ago.
    There is a new policy and the contracts are shorter and so we thought it over and decided to go more into the corporate event and concert market. Working for Disney and meeting all the fans overs the years has been a great honor and we will still be playing for Disney from time to time!
    There are some things said here that aren’t true……like……

    I never “owned” the band! Just the suits and the equipment!! LOL

    Since the first day,the show has ALWAYS HAD SOME BACKING TRACKS!! The show was NEVER “ALL TRACKED”!! LOL (who do you think played that trumpet on “Penny Lane”)

    Every single performance of the British Invasion and every single performer played along with the backing tracks.

    Again, Thanks to all our fans for 15 great years!! We will be back to play at Disney from time to time and you will find those future dates posted on the British Invasion Facebook page!!

    The British Invasion 2011
    Mattew Mendel
    Davey Justice
    Chris Colon
    Keith Coville
    Daniel Sage
    William Gunn
    Shawn Bryant

  11. ramona says:

    whomever they have, i hope they are there every day of the week not just certain day where you have to plan your trip around seeing them!!

  12. Brandi says:

    Baby Boomers are not the only ones who love The Beatles, or all 60′s music, for that matter. I am excited to see what changes will come! I agree that the band went way downhill, especially over the last couple of years. That area of EPCOT used to be my favorite place to hang out, meet up with friends, and people watch. I’ve missed it terribly. Hopefully I can return and enjoy it again, with some better entertainment!

  13. Tom says:

    Looking forward to some new faces. The BI was like a bad case of the herp. In the beginning it was fun, fun until you found out the truth (you now have the herp/inner workings of the manager) and it just wouldn’t go away! MANY fans will return to the UK now and enjoy the new show. Change is GOOD!!!

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  15. Amanda says:

    So it sounds like it was BI’s choice, not Disney’s. So I’m fairly certain Disney is going to “replace” them with another act. Similar or not, I’m sure it’ll be great!

  16. Jan Davis says:

    Just saw new band. Had been unaware that a change was planned although at our last visit one of BI singers forgot the words! We were very upset at first but within 2 songs LOVED the new band!!!! What is their name? I felt like I was witnessing the birth of a new era at Epcot! Awesome band– will be back next weekend!

  17. Matt says:

    I agree with you 100 percent, a change took place in about 02, where the guy playing the part of george was exiled, and from what i understand he went from that to doing construction….very sad indeed, but i def agree, the head guy there, who i met a few times has an ego larger that Paul Macca himself!

  18. Bob says:

    It is now October and I am just finding out that the British Invasion has left EPCOT. Being a musician myself in a rock band, I always enjoyed stopping by an listening to the BI. I have seen their show probably 200 times or more. But to be honest, they lost their ENERGY. Recent shows left me uninterested and I usually left before the set was over. I remember the days when John Babcock played Paul. The band was at it’s best in those days. Nothing lasts forever and it was time for them to leave. They were lifeless and old. I saw the new band recently, The British Revolution. They were excellent. Let’s see if they can last as long as the BI did. The BI did 5 shows daily about 5-6 days a week for over 14 years!!! They lasted longer than the Beatles. After that long, it has to get old doing the same old Beatle songs over and over, time and time again. I wish the BI musicians all the best in their new adventures.

  19. Aj says:

    A major screw up on which ever party decided to end the gig. I rarely go to watch the new group. Seems like all they play is screeching guitar crap and sling their hair back and forth. Look like little kids acting like rock stars. And the stores there are EMPTY. A few Beatles items remains but most of it is gone. Those stores use to be crowded but now you can sling a dead cat and not hit anyone. I go through just to remember how it use to be. When the new band plays I can’t walk away fast enough. No charm! No charisma! Just red neck music……………….

  20. Burt McKee says:

    The British Invasion was growing tired simply because the quality performers were no longer performing. All the new “John” had to do was to start singing Imagine, and we were quickly exiting the place. I would be my wish the BI would reform with quality performers.
    The replacement group, Revolution, is a highly backtracked garage band. I have heard the expression that if you get drunk enough, a bad band will get better. Since I don’t drink, I can’t seem to get past two songs. If I did drink, I still don’t think I could get drunk enough to make them sound good.

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