New Restaurant Coming to Morocco Pavillion

World Showcase at NightDisney has confirmed that Spice Road Table, a new lagoon-side restaurant is coming to Epcot’s Morocco later this year.  

There’s not a ton of information out there right now about this new dining establishment. The idea of the restaurant is “Food and Wine Festival all year round” with tapas and small plate offerings as well as some great wine offerings. Guests will have the option to dine indoors or on the terrace overlooking the lagoon. Maybe this will be another great spot to catch Illuminations!

While I’m excited about the prospects of a new dining location, this news surprised me. I know these smaller-scale, tapas style dining venues (ala Tutto Gusto and La Cava) have been popping up all over world showcase lately, I just have to ask, Why Morocco? The pavilion is one that can’t fill the tables it has now.  While I enjoy Mediterranean food, many people are scared to walk in the door of Restaurant Marrakesh  I don’t know if the menu at Spice Road Table will be tamer or if they’re going to try to get people in for the view. I just can’t figure this out. If this announcement was about a new restaurant in France or China even, I wouldn’t have been surprised. I enjoy Tangierine cafe, but its not known to have long waits or a busy dining area. I see this restaurant taking guests away from the other two restaurants in the Morocco pavilion. I guess time will tell if Epcot guests will get over their fear of Mediterranean food and journey over to Spice Road Table. I may have to add it to My (food) Bucket List.

What do you think about the announcement of a new Moroccan  restaurant? Were you as surprised as I was? Are you looking forward to trying it? 

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One Response to New Restaurant Coming to Morocco Pavillion

  1. Safari Mike says:

    I love tapas and love the idea here. The name is kind of dumb though

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