NEW Le Cellier Dinner Menu Revealed!

As many people are aware, today is the first day of Le Cellier being a “Signature” Dining Option and if you have the Disney Dining Plan, it will require 2 Table Service credits to dine at Le Cellier for Dinner.  If you don’t have the DDP, be prepared to spend a pretty penny, especially since they have totally redone the Dinner Menu.  Released today, the menu features new items like the following:



Appetizers: (Highlights)

Black and Blue Beef Steak Tartar w Hot Spring Egg and Pommes Gaufrette – $16

Artisan Spicy Chicken and Chipotle Sausage w Roasted Corn Polenta, Sweet Onion Jam and Fiddlehead Ferns – $14

Entrees: (Highlights)

Roasted Venison Medallions w Celery Root Mousseline, Forest Mushrooms and Sweet and Sour Cabbage – $32

Grilled Bone In Ribeye – 16oz Bone in Ribeye w Herb Parmesan Potato Wedges and Pink Peppercorn Sauce – $37


The Link Below is the FULL Dinner menu for Le Cellier – We do not have a dessert menu yet.

Le Celler NEW



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11 Responses to NEW Le Cellier Dinner Menu Revealed!

  1. poopypants101 says:

    Not really impressed…guess ill find out in 3 weeks if its really worth the 2 TS now.

  2. Misty Pines says:

    Any sign of the lunch menu>

  3. MHW says:

    The Lunch Menu is staying as is from what I understand. I will double check this ASAP

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  5. tina says:

    will there be a kids menu. i think biggest changes are the prices

  6. MHW says:

    I’m positive there will be a kids menu as for if the prices and items will stay the same I am unsure. I will see if I can find out soon and if not, I’ll certainly check when I eat here for lunch in a week or so :D

  7. Amanda says:

    I am not pleased with the fact that many of the items are exactly the same but with higher prices. Do I think Le Cellier is worth 2 table service credits: yes. Do I want to pay more for the EXACT SAME ITEM I could’ve gotten three days ago for $10 less: no.

  8. JennHas2Ns says:

    Wait, wait, wait… $9 for Choup? Really? I feel cheated. Guess they’re accommodating the Dining Plan with their price hikes.

  9. tina says:

    someone just wrote a review on and used a 50% off coupon for le cellier anyone know where i can find coupons like that

  10. roger says:


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