New Epcot Merchandise & Rumors

Who loves EPCOT Center Merchandise?  Who thought all the #Epcot30 goodies were gone last October??  Great news!  There’s MORE coming!

Today on the Disney Parks Blog, it was announced that there is a brand new charm bracelet now available at Mousegear, World Traveler (Both in Epcot) and World of Disney at Downtown Disney.  I really like the EPCOT Center logos on it to go with the #Epcot30 postcard, and if charm bracelets were a guy thing, I’d be all over it.  It will NOT be available online, however you can gt it via mail order if you are not able to make it to the parks.  (Item #400006967718)


Also announced today was a new 24-pin set that will be coming out on February 21!  Half of the pins will be a blind draw, and the other half will be “mystery”, and will come two per box.  It seems that the pins will cover many key points in Epcot’s history such as Horizons, the Living Seas, the Millennium Celebration, Cranium Command and the original monolith that used to be in front of Spaceship Earth.

There have been many rumors flying around as late, and we feel comfortable enough mentioning what we’ve heard.  However it should be noted that as these are rumors, they are by no means official and can change at anytime.  We just feel like we did when we mentioned the Test Track refurb back in October 2011 before it was announced!

- It’s been going around that Carsland is coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  This appears to be a go, and that there has already been some preliminary work going on backstage and when it’s all said and done, everything from the current Backlot Tour over to Lights, Motors Action towards the back of the park will be where the expansion is going.  Also it’s been rumored that it will be more than just Carsland, and more of a Pixar themed expansion that will involve Monsters Inc. as well.  D23 would be the best times for this major of an announcement.

- Animal Kingdom has been the object of much speculation for months concerning Avatarland and where it might go.  We learned this week that there are plans in the work to move Festival of the Lion King and Character Meet & Greets up to the Africa section of the park, basically making Camp Minnie Mickey empty.  Speculate what you will about what that area will be used for.

- Finally, we are hearing new rumors about the end of Illuminations: Reflections of Earth.  As we’ve mentioned before, the show has been around since October 1999, and is insanely popular (especially with us around the blog), however we’re hearing that “end 2013/early 2014 as a time frame for the new Illuminations.  We understand that the new show has been in the works for the last few months, and approval for the change was given by Disney “brass”.  However it is fair to note that the last time Illuminations was scheduled to be changed, plans were eventually cancelled. 

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3 Responses to New Epcot Merchandise & Rumors

  1. alicia says:

    I am super excited about Carsland!! I love CARS!!!! And while I have only seen Illuminations a few times, I am always sad when things change. Thanks for the info!

  2. Donna says:

    I love EPCOT and Illuminations, however, it needs a change and I am sure it will still be spectacular!

  3. KJay (Kelli) says:

    That charm bracelet has my name written all over it! Epcot merchandise is my weak spot- can’t wait to add to my collection during my next visit…

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