Le Cellier Lunch Menu Update

Following up yesterday’s new Dinner menu, we now have the Lunch menu which remains at 1 Table Service Credit on the DDP.

Mostly the Lunch menu has stayed the same, however there are one or two changes to each category.

For the new menu:  Le Cellier Lunch Menu 

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4 Responses to Le Cellier Lunch Menu Update

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  2. Leesa says:

    Yay!!! The only thing I wanted out of this whole deal was to have the Mushroom Filet Mignon to stay and it did!!!!! Now here is hoping that I actually get a lunch ADR for September. Thank you for posting this!

  3. Andrew Lund says:

    Minor typo at end of Entrees section….

    “Walnut-crusted 20.99
    with sage infused cream corn, pickled mushrooms and a Maple whisky glaze”

    Walnut crusted what? Two $10′s, 3 quarters, 2 dimes, 4 pennies. While the bills might go down OK, the coins would be a bit crunchy. ;-)

    and whiskey has an “e” in it.

    See y’all next weekend!

    Andy (Karen’s husband)

  4. MHW says:

    Andy thanks for the notes. It was grabbed on the fly so I’m not surprised theres a typo or two lol. I’ll fix those tomorrow! See ya’ll soon

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