World Showcase at Night, Romantic!

Romance is all over Walt Disney World, and that is certainly true in World Showcase, and becomes even more so at night!  There are many ways to go about enjoying a romantic evening in Epcot, regardless if you are doing it on a budget or splurging for a special occasion (or just cause you want to make someone feel special).  With that in mind, I’m going to take a look at a few places that are great for that romantic flare for your next trip!

One of the go to, sure fire ways to start a date night, romantic evening off right, is dinner, and it just so happens that World Showcase has an option or twenty for you to consider!  I’m not going to spend long talking about the obvious options such as Le Cellier, San Angel Inn, and Chefs du France; everyone knows those are some of the best places to get a meal, and they all do a superb job of setting the romantic atmosphere.  These are all incredible options and I suggest if a full meal is how you want to spend a date night in Epcot, by all means, you will enjoy yourselves immensely, but if you are looking for something a bit less filling, and perhaps a bit more subtle (and perhaps even easier on the wallet), try these ideas!

- In France, swing by ‘Crepes des Chefs de France’ or ‘Boulangerie Patisserie’ for something sweet for you to share with your special someone, and then head over to the Garden Maze near the bridge and enjoy an evening stroll through the garden maze, or sit by the fountains, complete with a view of World Showcase lagoon and/or the Paris skyline.

Fountains of France

- Get some tea from the ‘Tea Stand’ over in China and walk around the area outside of the Hall of Prayer For Good Harvest (the largest tower in the pavilion) and sit by the Koi Pond that is next to the Hall.

Not hungry?  No problem!  Head over to Morocco and walk back through the bazaar area and enjoy the scenery with a very natural feel that can’t be found anywhere better in Epcot!  Or if you want something with an amazing view, go to Italy in the area where the path stretches out towards World Showcase Lagoon and enjoy an amazing sunset (and one of my favorite viewing spots for Illuminations!)   You can also find a similar spot over in Norway,  however that isn’t as “off” the path as it is in Italy!

Sunset from Norway

My final tip, is if you can, make a late ADR for dinner, or simply wait around in World Showcase after Illuminations, and once the crowds are gone, start walking around World Showcase, towards Future World.  It almost feels like you have the world to yourself, and the Cast Members usually don’t shoo you to go faster as long as you are at least strolling!  Libby and I did this after we ate at Teppan Edo last year, and it was amazing!

Got any tips for romantic spots at Epcot?  I’d love to hear them in the comments!


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One Response to World Showcase at Night, Romantic!

  1. Mark,

    GREAT ideas. We usually have the kids with us. But on our next trip we I’m going to surprise my wife with something like this with just the two of us. Luckily we have family in the area so we can ditch them for a special night.

    The evening in France is my favorite!

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