Why I am Disappointed With the Food and Wine Festival

I have experienced only one International Food and Wine Festival in my short twenty-eight years, but I thought that I would write about my experience and how disappointing it was. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not here to tell you know to go to Food and Wine! I think it is an amazing event. I guess I am more disappointed in how my first day at the Food and Wine Festival went. So here it goes…

I arrived at Walt Disney World on a late Thursday morning in early November. It was very near the end of the festival, and having never been there before, I planned my first day at the resort around experiencing all that it had to offer. I stepped off a direct flight from Kansas City, MO, hopped in my rental car, and drove straight to Epcot for a fun filled afternoon of food (and wine).

I had made a 11:15 reservation at Via Napoli. I assumed that I would eat a nice little lunch, walk around World Showcase and plan my evening meals from the smells that were emitted and then for dinner, I would gorge to my heart’s delight. At Via Napoli, I ordered a 4 cheese pizza from the handsome Italian waiter, and waited for him to bring it out to me. Soon, I had devoured half the pie, and sat there thinking, “Do I really want to waste this? I certainly don’t, but do I really want to carry it around with me for the rest of the day?” So I indulged a little more, finishing the pizza, and leaving my waiter a generous tip.

I left Via Napoli, and decided to take a slow lap around World Showcase and into Future World. After all, I needed to burn off all that cheese in order to be ready for my evening of culinary pleasure. I explored all my favorite spots: The Land Pavilion, Spaceship Earth, and even Test Track. Eventually, I decided to make my way back to World Showcase and take a few laps. It was approaching 3:00 pm, and I still felt stuffed to the brim. At roughly 4:30 pm, I had completed a lap, and was still not happy with my progress. “Another lap it is!” I thought. I happily strolled around the lagoon again, in a counter-clockwise fashion in hopes of my digestion moving a bit faster this time. By 6:00 pm, I was starting to get frustrated. I has seen about all I wanted to of World Showcase for the day, my feet were killing me, and I hadn’t slept the night before, so the hours were wearing on me fast. I decided to try for lap three…

About half way around, I took a look at a few items from South Africa. It looked appetizing, and I realized that I was finally a bit hungry! So, I ordered a dish, and quickly cleaned my plate. As I got around to a few more countries that I had on my list, I decided that the things I wanted didn’t look so good anymore. I was confused, because they sounded so good from reading about them. I stopped at the Mexico pavilion and got a corn and cheese empanada. By the time I finished, I was so full I needed someone to roll me back to the resort.

I was so disappointed! I literally could not shove any more food in my mouth. Dang you Via Napoli!! I decided to end my trip back at Epcot, but it was so crowded that I could even bear waiting in line… There you have it. My awful Food and Wine experience. I guess this means I need a research trip soon, doesn’t it?!? 

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2 Responses to Why I am Disappointed With the Food and Wine Festival

  1. Tank says:

    F&W starts @ 11. If it’s such an amazing event, why are you just getting to it around 6?

    How about, instead of making a lunch ADR, you just “nosh around the world”?

    This feels less like a criticism of Food and Wine, and more a testament to poor planning. It feels like you had too big of a lunch and it spoiled your entire schedule.

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