Think of Epcot First!

When people think of romance at Walt Disney World, Epcot is not generally the first park ont their minds. Who doesn’t dream of getting engaged in front of Cindy’s Castle, or taking a romantic stroll down Main Street, U.S.A. with the Dapper Dans singing in the background? A fairytale is everyone’s dream , and the Magic Kingdom is the perfect place to have a dream come true.

But when I think about romance, my first thought is almost always Epcot. I’m crazy, I know butI also write for an Epcot blog and am  serious about this. Mark outlined some romantic spots in his last post, and I started thinking about what made Epcot romantic for me. Here are my thoughts.

Just think about how romantic it can actually be! Let’s start with the world’s most romantic city, Paris, France. Epcot offers the romance of France without the lengthy travel plans of the cost.

Ever seen those tv shows where the guys always take their date to a scary movie so that they can hold them close and make them feel safe? Captain E.O., Test Track, the movie in Canada (Let’s be honest. We are all a little scared of Martin Short.)

How about the light reflecting off the World Showcase Lagoon as you stroll in the light from the globe during Illuminations? Illuminations is always romantic, embracing the world and showing how we are all connected.

Besides all this, Epcot was the vision Walt had to start the Florida Project, and seeing any dream become a reality and actually getting to live it make the whole park a romantic’s dream come true. 

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3 Responses to Think of Epcot First!

  1. Jennifer says:

    I always think of Epcot for romance. I was engaged there!

  2. James says:

    We live in San Diego but EPCOT is our favorite park by a mile. Its the inner nerd in me that just loves the whole concept and layout.
    Although for nostalgic reasons there are a few things I do miss like the original El Rio del Tiempo ride at the Mexico Pavilion.

    Have you done a Segway tour of EPCOT yet? That is a must do if you have not yet.

  3. Roxana says:

    Port Orleans is our family’s faivtore Moderate Resort! We stayed in Magnolia section ~ it has beautiful landscaping. Even though the Resort was packed with guests ~ we never noticed it. POR is quiet and serene, especially at night ~ was quite romantic for DH and I. There are Horse Drawn Carriage rides every evening if you want to do something special. Plus there are boat and ski boat rentals.Besides the main pool there are also quiet pools in the complex ~ usually located between two of the resort buildings. There is also a laundramat located at the quiet pools. You can only get Pool Towels at the Main Pool area ~ not at these pools. That was no big deal for us.Rooms are clean and the beds were comfortable. Each room has a compact refrigerator ~ that was nice to keep our drinks chilled. There is also a small coffee maker, complete with coffee pods and sugar ~ we brought our own coffee though. Is nice to have first cup of coffee in your room. Let’s see ~ the room has a hair dryer as well.Every evening Mousekeeping left us a new Disney Towel Animal ~ I loved them. We tipped daily so maybe that helped.There is a drape that pulls shut to block off the sinks and bathroom area from the main room. That was nice for me ~ offers privacy when dressing.Don’t forget to ride the Boat on the Sassagoula River over to DTD. It’s a nice treat and doesn’t involve a bus.BTW, we never had a long wait for a bus. Ten minutes was our average wait ~ Just a few times we waited 15 or 20 minutes. POR shares a bus with Port Orleans French Quarters and busses may be packed tight.We never ate breakfast at their RIverside Mill Food Courtyard I believe it gets very busy then. We aren’t big on breakfast anyway. We did eat there a couple of times ~ the food was good. Try the Pasta ~ you order what you want from a good selection ~ they fix it for you. Only thing I didn’t like was the Pizza.Fulton’s General Store has all the little extras you may need ~ plus the usual WDW Souvenirs.I give 2 Thumbs up to POR.

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