The ‘No Test Track’ Impact

It’s no surprise to anyone that Test Track being the second most popular attraction in Epcot, that it drew big crowds and constantly lengthy queue times.  Now that this favorite attraction is down for a 7 month refurb and overhaul, it leaves a massive hole in that side of Future World, and will undoubtedly impact other areas as well, so lets take a look at the “No Test Track Impact” and what you can do to fill the void.

It’s inevitable.  Other attractions are going to see longer than normal lines during this time, and I think we all know the one attraction that will see the wait times go from “Whoa” to “Spend half your day in line”….. Soarin’!  The worst I’ve personally ever seen the regular stand by queue for Soarin’ was 300 minutes (5 hours!), and that was smack in the middle of Spring Break season.  Granted, Spring Break is major prime time for the parks and the summer will be similar, and while I don’t think you are going to see 5 hour waits on a daily basis, I do think you are going to see 2 hour+ waits more often than you have so far.  You can expect other attractions to see an increase in numbers, such as The Seas with Nemo, Spaceship Earth, and Mission: Space, as well as more crowds in World Showcase, which I do think will end up being a good thing.

I really think with Test Track down, Disney has a unique opportunity to really “re-attract” people to some of the other aspects of Epcot that are not the normal big draw of crowds.  Maelstrom, in my opinion, is an underrated attraction.  Sure it’s not the same thrill as other attractions, but the detail throughout the ride is very elaborate and plays on the lore of Norway, and is certainly worth your time.  Living with the Land is a favorite attraction of both myself and Jen, and does a great job showing what the original ideal of EPCOT Center was focusing on and I cannot tell you enough how much this is worth your time, and I also suggest you take a go on it at night as well, its almost a totally different ride.

Finally, Disney is really working on throwing in some new things and surprises to keep people entertained in the area around Test Track!  Here’s an excerpt from this past weekend! “While Test Track is closed for refurbishment, Guests may enjoy several unadvertised “surprise and delight” offerings, including the following which begin April 16:

The Test Track Allstars travel-themed A Cappella group will be performing daily in the area near the Test Track pavilion.
On a trial basis, Character Spot, Soarin’ and all attractions, merchandise locations and grab-n-go food & beverage offerings in The Land will remain open until 10pm. ”

What do you think Disney should do to help ease the influx of guests to other attractions?  Let me know in the comment section below! 

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  1. Andrea Fuller says:

    If I remember correctly, they are revamping the Kim Possible Adventure into Agent P’s Adventure. This should also help in the long run. This is something I’d like to do when I go next. I think that some of the shows in the World Showcase are also underrated. The Beatles Invasion was wonderful for instance. Maybe this will help draw some attention to those.

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