The Easiest Part

Last week, I posted about everything that must be worked out to make sure you and your family can actually make it to Walt Disney World. Today, I want to talk about some tips to help make the trip a little easier.

1. If you are booking airfare, always book on Tuesday or Wednesday, and ideally 7-8 weeks out from your trip. This is generally when the best deals come out. Always look to fly on Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday.

2. If you are driving, download the Waze app. It is an app for crowd-sourced traffic information, and is almost always correct.

3. Never pass up an opportunity to pee. This is my dad’s rule, but a good one to remember.

4.Freeze water bottles to use in coolers. They will keep things cold and you can drink them.

5. When getting ready to fly, make sure there are as few belts, tie shoes, and toiletries as possible. The quicker and easier it is for everyone to get through security, the better.

6. Pack little surprises for kids in a small backpack. Once they get on the plane, they will have a few items to keep them busy for awhile.

7. Plan stops ahead of time for car trips. If you have distinct points where you can point to on the map along the way, you will feel like the long hours are getting you someplace.

8. Whether plane or car, always have gum with you. It will ease fussy ears in the air, cub appetites on the ground… And they don’t sell it in any Disney park.

9. Leave at night! If you are driving, leave at night! The kids will sleep, you won’t hit a lot of traffic, and you will get to spend more time in the parks on the day you arrive.

10. Regardless of the mode of transportation, have fun! Vacations are what your kids will remember when they talk about growing up! 

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