The Best Surprises

gktwWhen I moved to California almost 2 years ago, I had the opportunity to meet one of my boss’ families. He has twins, at the time 3 year olds, a boy and a girl. They haven’t had an easy three years of life. Timmy, their son, was born with an eye condition that has cause him to have a few surgeries and wear glasses. Ellie, their daughter, was even less lucky unfortunately. At 2 years of ago, she was diagnosed with Leukemia. Her battle lasted over 2 years, and I am happy to report that she is currently in remission! YAY!

Well the family received some much needed good news this week. Make a Wish stopped by to tell Ellie that her wish has been GRANTED!!! They whole family is getting a trip to Walt Disney World and the Give Kids the World Village. To many of you who read this blog and listen to Generation Mouse, you know of Mark’s association with The Magic For Less travel and my association with the WDW Radio Running team. Through the Be Our Guest Podcast, which is sponsored by The Magic For Less Travel, money is raised each year during their 12 hour live show for Give Kids the World. The WDW Radio Running team raises money for the Make A Wish Foundation.

My point here is that as a Disney community, we put so much energy into our passion for Disney, as well as our convictions. Through Ellie, I have finally gotten to see the hard work pay off. It’s not that I never thought the money or hard work was going to what it was supposed to. It’s just really cool to see it affect a family and people that I love, people that deserve 7 days at the World’s most happiest place.

To all of you that work so hard, running, listening (haha, still hard work) or working in your own way to give people like Ellie and her family just a little piece of the magic that we hold so dearly, keep up the good work. I can tell you from talking to Timmy and Ellie’s mom and dad that this is going to be the trip of a lifetime. 

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  1. Beautiful story, thanks for sharing!

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