So Imagination Pavilion is closing… What’s next?

imaginationExtra Fun at Walt Disney World will return next week. Yesterday’s information about the Imagination Pavilion inspired a post of a different direction.

Yesterday’s speculation about the upcoming closing of the Imagination Pavilion got me thinking about the future of the pavilion. It’s no secret that it’s not been up to par with the other pavilions in Epcot for some time. Not even Captain EO draws the crowds it once did. My last few trips to Disney it’s been placed on the “not important to see” list. The attraction was worn and the after show area had significant wear and tear.

There are two prominent schools of thought about the direction of the refurbishment.

  • Many hard core Epcot fans want to see the pavilion bring back the Dreamfinder and return the area to it’s original glory. Let me say, I love me some Figment. I hated the period when he was missing. I was happy to have Figment return, even if it wasn’t with the Dreamfinder. That being said, I’m not 100% sure I want to go back. This attraction is in Future World and I think there’s merit to moving forward. If the Dreamfinder does make a return, is he the same? Is he older? Younger? How do you make the old appeal to younger generations?
  • The rumor mill is abuzz with the idea of a Phineas and Ferb themed pavilion. These two kids who have been making the most of their summer vacation since 2007 are always using their imaginations to come up with what to do on each day of their summer vacation (and winter vacation too, because every show needs a holiday episode or two). We are big P&F fans in my house. We throw out catch phrases, we may or may not have family sing-a-long time to different songs from the show. We love it. The songs alone make the show worth watching. BUT, and that’s a big but, how much longer will they be relevant? Do they have the longevity needed to carry a ride? Will they appeal to older generations that don’t have their TVs permanently glued to the Disney Channel? Will Figment join the boys?

I am not for or against either idea. I’m just ready for the pavilion to be fun and exciting again, not one people leave feeling like they lost their imaginations on the ride. I want my kids to love it like I did when I was 8. It NEEDS this refurbishment. I’m ready for a new Journey. 

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4 Responses to So Imagination Pavilion is closing… What’s next?

  1. While I would personally LOVE to see a return for Dreamfinder and Figment, I am not sure that will be the result. However, Phineas and Ferb doesn’t excite me either! I would really like to see the return of a larger, more interactive ImageWorks! I think there has to be a way to show how the imagination can, in fact, influence the future of the world.

  2. Stefanie says:

    I still really enjoy the ride. I do not think they should get rid of Figment but it would be better if they somehow updated his character and the attraction itself. I do not have children & do not watch the Disney channel to keep up with any new shows they have so I would not be excited at all about Phineas and Ferb.

  3. Brent says:

    What made EPCOT so amazing from the beginning was how bold and daring it was. Here we have a Disney theme park that from pavilion to pavilion would adhere to that phrase “entertain, inform, and inspire.” And EPCOT was relentless.

    In more recent times it had been forced to compromise and I believe the time for that is over. EPCOT is the one place in all of WDW where we absolutely do not need any references to what’s hot right now. We don’t need TV characters here because new ones were created that we could only find at EPCOT.

    All of that said. I believe it is possible to restore Dreamfinder and Figment without going backwards. We don’t need the original ride in its entirety (although I personally would be stoked beyond belief). But we can tell that same story and just make it different for today.

    The concept behind the original show is timeless. You don’t have to worry about some new technology coming along to make it obsolete, like with Universe Of Energy and its original message of fossil fuels being the future.

  4. Stefanie says:

    Well said, Brent! I really hope that’s what they end up doing! :-)

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