Manic Monday- Relaxing in World Showcase

It’s just another Manic Monday, and today we are showcasing the World Showcase! World Showcase is full of spots to sit and relax. We will highlight just a few today, so feel free to leave your favorite spot as a comment.

1. China- In the House of the Whispering Willows, you can see the works of an ancient civilization. Not only is this a quiet place to sit and relax, it will also immerse you in the culture of China.

2.United Kingdom- The gardens of the UK are a wonderful place to people watch and cool off on a hot day. Mostly shady, the seating here is ideal for an afternoon break. The flowers are beautiful, and the fish and chips are close by.

3. America- The American Adventure Pavilion is the perfect place to take a quick sit. Listen to the Voices of Liberty sing your favorite Americana tunes. The National Treasures are wonderful pieces of history just waiting to be explored. The Rotunda has benches and seating throughout for a comfy place to take a rest.

These are just 3 of our favorites. Tell us all about your favorite spot to chill in World Showcase! 

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One Response to Manic Monday- Relaxing in World Showcase

  1. Charlie says:

    One of my favorite places to sit and relax is across from the Germany pavilion. Just to the right there are some benches that face the lagoon and there you can look across the lagoon and see Spaceship Earth as well as some of the other Countries. You have a great view of Canada!! There is usually a cool breeze blowing as you sit underneath the trees taking in the spectacular views. It does not hurt to have a nice cold Becks in hand either!!

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