Love is in the Air

Ah, Valentine’s Day… Frankly, I’m glad it’s over. Now, I am not one of those snarky girls that hates Valentine’s Day. I think it is sweet! I love getting flowers and cards. It makes me feel special. But I am rarely with my boyfriend on Valentine’s Day, as he is a College Wrestling Coach, and is always at some tournament or something. So I snuggle my kitties and puppy dogs, and make sure that they all know how much they are loved.

Ok, back to the subject. I thought I would talk about what I think are some of the most romantic places in Epcot. It might not seem like a romantic park, given it’s premise is Edutainment, but I think it is a horribly romantic. Both Future World and World Showcase are bursting at the seems with special spots and couples attractions.  Here are a few of my favorite spots.

1. Living with the Land: Ok, ok, I know that I add this to all of my lists, but it is very romantic! You can hold hands and snuggle on the boat ride through the green houses. Plus, when you get off, you can share a tasty treat at Sunshine Seasons.

2. The Fountain of Nations: At night, the ambiance in the area is magnificent. Plus, the sidewalk lights up on the front side of the fountain toward Spaceship Earth.

3. Canadian Pavilion: There is no place like the Canadian Pavilion in my opinion. The flowers and waterfalls make for a lovely setting to sit and relax. Or share some pretzel bread over at Le Cellier… The French language doesn’t hurt here either.

4. France Pavilion: Come on! Fake Paris is unbelievably romantic! Share a treat from Boulangerie Patisserie, and sit by the fountains and relax. It is a wonderful spot for romance.

5. World Showcase Lagoon: At night, all of World Showcase is magnificently lit, making a stroll around World Showcase Lagoon completely breathtaking. Pick out a great spot to snuggle and watch Illuminations together.

There are tons more, but these are definitely some of my favorites. Feel free to leave your favorite spot in the comments. I would love to hear about your hidden gems. 

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2 Responses to Love is in the Air

  1. Safari Mike says:

    I would definitely add San Angel Inn to this list, or even watching the Marchiachi band inside.

  2. KJay says:

    …exploring the hidden corners and doorways in Morocco…

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