Le Cellier on the Fly

Today’s post was actually written on the fly in Epcot, on the iPhone right after having lunch at Le Cellier in March!  Hope you enjoy this “immediate” review.

Today’s stop in EPCOT for amazing food was Le Cellier- who as everyone knows have changed their menus lately.  When we got there, we were thirty minutes early for our ADR, but we didn’t have to wait long for a table or to be seated.

The first thing we got was a cup of the Canadian cheddar cheese soup to start us off.  It was amazing as always.  Our little guy even ordered the kid’s soup and had it polished off in no time.

Our server Jeremy was extremely friendly and knowledgeable about the different dishes.  Mark went with the new york strip which was served with Yukon Gold potatoes.  I tried the strip and it was delicious.  The kiddo got the kid’s grilled steak and it was your basic grilled steak but still very good according to him.  I ordered the mushroom filet mignon with the risotto and oh wow was it good!!!

Le Cellier Fillet

Of course we had desert with the kiddo getting the ice cream sundae.  Mark got the maple crème brûlée and I got the bumble berry cobbler with cheesecake ice-cream.  Again, the flavors were amazing.  Normally, I am not a fan of berry stuff, but the cobbler was perfect, and I would love to try it again!

Brumble Berry Cobbler


At the end of it all, the total for the meal was about $104, but let me tell you having the DDP made it worth every penny. So for any of you out there questioning if the dining plans are worth it, then I would have to say yes.  What I have not mentioned, but I will in later articles I am sure, is that if you are staying on property and eating meals at Disney for a week or so, then yes the dining plan is definitely worth every penny.

Le Cellier was the most delicious way to start our vacation, and I can’t wait to get back to Disney again!!


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Hi! I am Elizabeth, aka @eweaver6405 on Twitter. I am a social work major and it keeps me extremely busy, but its what I love. I am married to Mark (@illuminatepcot on Twitter) and we both love EPCOT, so working on this site has been a dream come true- not only because we get to do this together, and with friends, but also because of all the amazing people we have met along the way!
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2 Responses to Le Cellier on the Fly

  1. Nice review…we don’t usually use the DP, but on our last trip tried it out. It can really be of savings at the Signatures…

  2. Dennis Brown says:

    I’ve never been to Le Cellier, but that picture alone make me want to go.

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