Le Cellier Dinner Guest Review!

Today we’re privileged to have our good friend Diana Odom from Twitter (@DisneyWifey) give her review of her and her husband’s recent trip to Le Cellier’s Signature Dinner.  SO make sure you’re hungry for a good steak and enjoy her take on one of the most popular restaurants at Walt Disney World.

Le Cellier Steakhouse is a Signature table service restaurant located in the Canada Pavilion in Walt Disney World’s Epcot World Showcase.  More importantly, Le Cellier has a “reputation”.  Some say it’s over-hyped, some would say it’s too hard to get in, some would say it’s awesome.  Here’s my take on the word on the street:

Le Cellier has a wine cellar-like atmosphere, and different areas of the restaurant are themed in styles of each of the provinces of the country.  It is very warm and inviting, if not a little low ceilinged for my taste.  We went early to check-in and were seated after a short wait.

Le Cellier Table © Diana Odom 2012

Our waitress was very nice and very informative.  My husband knew 6 months ago what he wanted to order, so there was no need for a menu for him, although she didn’t know this.  Filet Mignon! Oh, and some potatoes on the side for good measure.  I wanted the steak as well, but there were different kinds so I asked the waitress, “which steak do you prefer: the filet mignon or the New York strip?” She recommended the filet for its tenderness.

I explained that I really dislike mushrooms and the wine reduction sauce that came on the New York Strip sounded more my style and she said they could just switch the cut of beef for me.  Problem solved!  So I was getting the Filet with the red wine reduction sauce and scalloped potatoes while my husband was getting the Mushroom filet with mashed potatoes.

We ordered the Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup and some wine (mine was a zinfandel, his was a moscato) and started the wait for the glorious meat.  In the meantime, they brought bread, and this bread is really good!  There is a nut bread that has sunflower seeds on top, a sourdough roll, and 2 pretzel rolls.  The waitress suggested that we have the pretzel bread with the soup, so we munched on the others until then.  The sourdough was on par with San Francisco standards, and the nut bread was delicious: nice texture, but not crunchy.

Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup © Diana Odom 2012

The soup was as tasty as I remembered, very creamy and tasted great with the pretzel roll.   It has more of a cheese taste than a beer taste to me, I would have liked a hint more beer taste, but it was still a great soup.  I’d order it any day of the week.

On to the meat: the pride and glory of the Le Cellier Steakhouse!  It was divine.  Both of our steaks were cooked to perfection.  The wine reduction sauce looked scrawny on the plate, but in reality, the small portion was just right, a little went a long way with the sauce.  Never having had the mushrooms, I can’t speak to that, but I think my steak was topnotch, one of my top 5 and I’ve been to Peter Luger in New York City, so this steak has great company!   The scalloped potatoes were served in a tower form and were warm, cheesy, still starchy enough to still easily cut with a fork, and delicious.

My husband had ordered his steak sans mushrooms, but with the truffle butter sauce and Yukon mashed potatoes.  His sauce was a little more truffle-y than I like, but it was a small portion of sauce that wouldn’t overwhelm the steak, which again, was so tender and warm it was heavenly.  His potatoes were the truffle crushed Yukon potatoes and I can’t remember if I tried them, but he ate every single bite, which means he liked them!

Le Cellier Steak © Diana Odom 2012

We decided to forgo dessert, since we had cleared our plates and didn’t want to overdo it, but the table next to us had gotten some sort of chocolate something or other that looked great!

So, overall, considering what we ate and what we paid for, I think it’s worth the price.

Is it unfair that it’s so hard to get in? Yes.  But it is worth the energy to get a reservation and it is worth the 180 day wait.  Disney has just recently changed its booking procedures for this and a few other “prime” restaurants and there is now a cancellation fee if you cancel less than 24 hours in advance or do not show up so maybe that will help open up a few more spots.

Is it all hype and not worth it? Not from what we’ve experienced.  This was our 3rd trip in 7 years and each has been a great dining experience.

Lastly, if the price is a hindrance, I have heard that lunch is a great option as well.  It offers a pared down menu but still includes the Mushroom Filet and the Cheddar Beer Soup.

So, I hope you get to make it there soon and I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!


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2 Responses to Le Cellier Dinner Guest Review!

  1. Leesa says:

    Great review! We love Le Cellier. My husband and I both ordered the filet last time, he with the risotto and me with the mashed potatoes. Absolutely delicious! We are going back to Le Cellier for lunch in March and cannot wait. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. I will be ordering a chocolate dessert this time instead of the Creme Brulee though. I didn’t care for it.

  2. Charlie says:

    I also have to agree that is it well worth the wait!! I have been waiting to get my family in there for three years now and we finaly made it in this past Thanksgiving break. We were on the dining plan so we went for lunch and it was amazing!! The neat thing is that when they first open the cast members come out front and sing the Canadian National Anthem before they open. Really cool!! I too had the filet and it melted in my mouth. If you have not eaten there I too recommend it!!

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