Future World meets Tony Stark

As we all know “The Avengers” recently came out in the beginning of May to excellent reviews.  A couple of weeks ago, I posted a review of the movie and gave my impressions.  Yesterday, I went to see the movie again with my family and as I watched it, I got to thinking.  What if there was a Stark related area in Future World?  I know some of you are probably wondering what I am getting at, but stick with me and I will explain.

Tony Stark also known as Iron Man is played by Robert Downey Jr. (Ladies feel free to swoon).  In the movie, he plays a very egotistical yet incredibly intelligent billionaire who is the headliner when it comes to developing new technology and going green in the process.  As you know, and for those who may not, Epcot’s Future World is about developing new technology and looking toward the future.  For the rest of this article, I will refer to my proposed area of Future World as Stark World as this will be completely devoted to the character and the types of technology or ideas that he would come up with.

First of all, when developing Stark World, it can’t be envisioned without the famous Stark Tower, so a replica building would have to be built to house everything. The tower would be placed next to Innoventions.  Inside, there would have to be replicas of the Iron Man suit.  Throughout the building, I would place touch screen computers.  Now, I realize that we do not yet have the technology for the awesome motion controlled computer screens like those in the movie, but we could use flat, touch screen computers that could give the illusion of using one of Tony Stark’s computers.  Also, when using those computers, I would have the voice of Jarvis interact with the guests so their experience could be more realistic.

So, I am sure you are probably wondering what types of activities I would have guests do to fully immerse themselves in Stark World.  I would have a console or two that would be devoted to children or families who want to design their own Iron Man suit.  With this, they could give the suit all the strength or technology that they wanted.  There would be other games as well that guests could play.  Another thing I would have is a flat screen television mounted on one of the walls so that “Tony Stark” could talk to the guests.  Of course, this would mean getting Robert Downey Jr. himself to do a cameo, but I think it could be negotiable.

So now I turn to you my friends and I ask you what you think about this?  What would you add to my ideas to make Stark World become more realistic?  Do you think this is a viable idea?  Feel free to leave thoughts or comments.  I would love to hear any ideas that you may have. 

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