Exploring the Seas at the Living Seas

DSCN2247On my recent trip to Disney World with my family, we spent our first day in Epcot (no real surprises there right?)  To beat the heat, we spent most of our day in Future World exploring things that we have seen or done before, and others that we haven’t.  That being said, we made our way over to the Living Seas.

We started out with The Seas with Nemo and Friends, which was pretty cool to see.  My son really enjoyed this since Finding Nemo was one of his favorite movies when he was smaller.  That being said, we had to make sure that we went to Turtle Talk with Crush.  While I will save our experiences with Crush for another time, let me say that it was something that the entire family enjoyed.

After we saw Crush, we all decided that we wanted to walk around and see the different fish and aquatic life.  We saw beautiful clown fish, star fish, and manatees.  I enjoyed a few minutes of peace and quiet watching a dolphin swimming around lazily.  It was really neat.  We had been through the Living Seas several times before, but I don’t think we had ever really taken the time to just stop and enjoy the natural beauty of the place.


Outside of seeing the fish, Crush, and the Seas with Nemo, my son and I also took the time to take a couple of quizzes about the seas to test our knowledge, and I am proud to say that we passed both the lower and higher level quizzes with flying colors.  Overall, I would say that my experience at the Living Seas was a very positive one.  We started out going there to beat the heat of an August day, but we ended up learning a lot.  So, I encourage you if you have kids, or even if you don’t – take the time to go to the Living Seas.  I bet you will learn something and enjoy yourself at the same time. 

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  1. TongaXtine says:

    We spent a lot of time at Living Seas during this recent annual trip. This isn’t the norm for us and we really loved it. They had a bunch of scuba divers in the tank. The manatees were active and the dolphin training was really fun to watch!

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