Epcot Resort Area: Part 2- The Beach Club

Beaches and Cream

One of my favorite resorts and a great place to hang out even if you aren’t staying there is Disney’s Beach Club Resort. The nautical theme and sea themed colors help make this resort calm and serene. Let’s start with the restaurants…

Cape May Cafe is the flagship restaurant of the Beach Club. Known for their evening clam bakes and morning character breakfasts, the restaurant is versatile and delicious! Boasting the Fab 5, breakfast includes a buffet of all your favorites: eggs, pancakes, muffins, fruit, etc. Dinner is an old fashion clam bake with a buffet full of all the seafood you can eat!

The coolest spot in all of Walt Disney World is Beaches and Cream, and old fashion ice cream parlor nestled along the deck of Storm Along Bay. From burgers and fries to the entire Kitchen Sink, the food is amazing! The kitchen sink, made up of 8 scoops of ice cream — including vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, coffee, and mint chocolate chip; Angel Food Cake, Bundt Cake, Brownies, Oreos, Milky Way Candy bar pieces; Peanut Butter, Hot Fudge, Strawberry, Butterscotch, and Caramel sauces; Bananas, Cherries, and Sprinkles; and a whole can of whipped cream, is quite an adventure to eat. When you order it, an emergency light is turned on and an announcement to the entire restaurant.

Storm Along Bay

Storm Along Bay may be the most fantastic pool in all of The World. A heated sand-bottom pool stretching all the way to the Yacht Club, it is so popular that you must have a wrist band to enter! Out of a fake ship that emerges from the bay comes an awesome water slide. It is the perfect place to spend and afternoon, or even a whole day!


Obviously these are just a few of the great amenities located at the Beach Club. These 3 alone are enough to get me to visit every time that I visit Walt Disney World. At only a few steps out of Epcot’s International Gateway, the Beach Club is not only a great place to stay, but a great place to visit.

Written by: Jen Ginn,  the creator of Hyperion Travel Company. 

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    Great article Jennifer. Keep up the great work!

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