Beverly: Trick or Treat?

On our recent trip to WDW in March, most of our time was spent in EPCOT, which was just fine with us.  I have only been to WDW twice, but my husband has always talked about this drink called Beverly that I had to try eventually, although he could never really tell me what it tasted like.  I can’t say that I was very willing to try something I had never really heard of before.  Club Cool for those of you that do not know is a place that give away samples of sodas from around the world.

So in March, it was extremely warm out, and naturally we were seeking refreshments to cool off, so Mark suggests going to Club Cool to “grab a Coke”  which I agreed to, not realizing what he truly had planned.  Our son was with us, and he was asking for a Sprite, and that is when the idea came up for him to try Beverly.  I remembered what the drink was, but I knew that if I refused to try it, my son wouldn’t try it either, so I agreed as long as Mark tried it with me.  “Sure I will” he said, and we tipped the cups back.

What is Beverly?

Instantly, I felt like I had swallowed a cap full of hairspray.  It was one of the most disgusting things I had tasted.  I mean, I am sure I can think of more disgusting things, but at that moment, I had no idea what they could have been.  My son tried Beverly as well, and nothing can describe the look on his face better than the picture we took.  It is to the point now that he will not trust a Sprite that we give him unless he can see the label for himself.  Smart kid!  Oh, and did I mention that Mark did not drink the Beverly?  No, he pretended just to get me to try it.

So, Mark got a good laugh at my expense, but nothing was funnier than our son’s face.  Thankfully I was able to get a Coke to wash the taste out of my mouth, but to this day I will never forget the way Beverly tasted.  I knew I had been tricked, but the fun in it for me was being able to share that experience with my son, although he will probably never trust another Club Cool Sprite again.

The Kiddo after Beverly

So, if you are wondering what my opinion is on whether or not Beverly is a rite of passage for newcomers to WDW, or if it is just a fun trick to play, it is both.  Newcomers should be open minded and be willing to give everything a chance.  In my opinion, it is part of the experience.  Yeah, I more than likely will not drink Beverly again if given the option, but at least I can say I did it.

Trying Beverly is also a fun trick to play on newcomers to WDW or those who just do not know what it is, as my husband will gladly attest.  It is fun to watch the reactions, whether the unknowing participant loves or hates the drink.  It is all part of the discovery.  So, whether you love Beverly or hate it, at least give it a shot or even have family and friends to try it, then you can say you have tried something unique at Walt Disney World. 

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