Beating the Heat in Epcot

Last fall, Mark and I went down to Disney for EPCOT’s International Food and Wine Festival.  It was the end of September going into October, and living in Kentucky, we didn’t think the weather would be that hot.  Boy were we wrong!!  At home, the weather was comfortable in the 70’s, but down in sunny Orlando, the weather stayed in the upper 80’s or 90’s.  While we brought clothing down to accommodate warm weather, we did not realize just how hot it could be.  Thinking about this, I have decided to give you some ideas on how to stay cool while in EPCOT so that you can avoid being overcome by the heat.

First of all, it is of monumental importance that you drink plenty of water.  Doing this will help prevent you from becoming dehydrated.  Not to get into a science lesson, but as your body sweats, you lose both salt and water, so it is very important to stay hydrated.  A good purchase might be to buy one of the misting fans that are sold in the various carts around the park.  The bottle is fairly large and runs on batteries. Also, wear light clothing and sunscreen.  You do not want to be out in the sun without sunscreen.  Getting burned repeatedly could lead to sun poisoning and this could really put a damper on your trip as it is very painful.

Alright, now that we have covered the basic more common sense type things, let’s talk about the fun things to do in EPCOT to beat the heat.  Personally, I love to sit in air conditioning, so I would head to either Spaceship Earth or Ellen’s Universe of Energy.  Both of these can be a great way to cool off, and if you are tired, you can even indulge in a short nap.  I would have to say that Universe of Energy is the better place for a nap as the ride lasts for about 45 minutes.  Besides, Spaceship Earth is full of interesting information, scenes from history, and cool animatronics- this is definitely a ride to pay attention to!

A Scene in Spaceship Earth

Another thing to take advantage of while you are in EPCOT- especially if you have small children with you are the water spray stations that are located around the park.  These are fun for the kids as they can run and play in the spray and cool off.  I must admit that I have gone through the spray a time or two myself! As hot as it was, it was definitely needed!!  After your little ones have run through the spray and you feel like moving on, stop by Club Cool.  This shop is located near the Fountain View Ice-cream shop.  In here, you will find Coke products from around the world, including the infamous Beverly that many of us either love or avoid due to its bitter taste.  Whatever your preference, you can try these sodas and decide for yourself which country has the best Coke products.

Inside Maelstrom's Queue

When spending time in EPCOT, it is important not to forget World Showcase.  Not only can you immerse yourself in cultures around the world, but you can also watch movies.  Yes, I said movies.  In the various countries such as France, Norway, and Canada, you can watch short films.  The film in Norway comes after riding Maelstrom which is an indoor boat trip through Nordic folklore.  So, if you are a history lover like I am, the various films in World Showcase may be right up your alley.  These are a great place to sit in the air conditioning and avoid the heat while learning about different countries in the process!

Now that I have given you some ideas on how to stay cool in EPCOT, I want to hear from you.  What do you do to stay cool?  Do you ride Spaceship Earth?  Do you stay in line for Soarin’?  Any of these ideas would work.  As long as you have fun- that is what matters right? 

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  1. Xtine says:

    If I’m desperate I’ve been known to go on Journey Into Imagination for the AC. I will also go into each pavilion shop on my way through the World Showcase so that I can cool off.

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