A Perfect Epcot Day

My Mom and Me, on our perfect day...

I have had one before, but it doesn’t happen very often: The absolute perfect day. My perfect day was at Epcot. I started thinking about it, because it was my birthday in 2009. With my birthday just around the corner, I started thinking about how I might celebrate this year. That gave me the idea to tell you all about my epic day in Epcot, so here it goes:

At 1:30 am on Wednesday, March 25, 2009, I left my house in Parsons, KS to drive to the Kansas City Airport. I hopped a flight at 6:00, a non-stop one at that, straight to Orlando. As the same time, my mom was doing the same thing, leaving out of Dayton, Ohio, on a non-stop flight as well. She arrived twenty minutes before me, departing for the Budget Rent-a-Car place while I was landing. I took the shuttle over to Budget, and found my mom at the counter, just finishing up her transaction. We set out to our rental car, and headed off to the Walt Disney World Resort.

By this time, it was about 9:15 am. Mom had a leftover Park Hopper from a previous trip, and I had a FREE birthday ticket waiting at the ticket office at the front gates of Epcot. We went straight to the park, picked up my ticket, and headed into Epcot. We were in a hurry, as I wanted to make sure we could get a Soarin’ fast pass before they were all distributed. When we approached the Land pavilion, my heart was racing, because I knew with only one day in the park, a 90 minute wait just wouldn’t be feasible. The fast pass distribution was for 5:15 pm to 6:15 pm. We grabbed one and headed straight over to my favorite attraction, Living with the Land. After riding this and watching the Circle of Life film, Mom and I set out for the Living Seas pavilion. We rode the Nemo ride, saw the manatees, and departed feeling satisfied that it was still not even 11:00 am yet. The Imagination Pavilion was next on the list, rounding out the ride side of Future World.

After experiencing Honey I Shrunk the Audience and Journey into Imagination, we decided to stop and get a soft pretzel. Both of us had felt rushed the whole day, so we sat a minute and enjoyed ourselves. It was about 12:30 by this time, and we headed off to Spaceship Earth with the other side of Future World to follow.

We finished future world at about 2:00 pm, leaving our whole afternoon to explore World Showcase. We had dinner scheduled at Morocco at 6:15 so we started our way around World Showcase lagoon, seeing every attraction, visiting every store, smelling every treat. We strolled until about 5:20 and then headed back to Soarin’ for our fast pass ride. We came out right about 6:10. After a fast walk over to Morocco, we sat down to a delicious dinner, both feeling very full by our 7:20 departure. We decided to go back and ride Test Track and Living with the Land again. After all, it was my birthday, and I got to pick. We headed back to the lagoon for Illuminations, but were a little late to get a great viewing area. We stayed till about the mid-point, but we were both exhausted and decided to head for the car as the show wrapped up.

With only one day at Disney, and the time only being 9:30 pm, we couldn’t leave just yet. We headed to the Beach Club…. What is a birthday without dessert, right!?! We both got chocolate milkshakes and headed for Pop Century for the night. It was 10:30 by the time we got there. We checked in, headed to our room, and both crashed. Both of us had 6:00 am flights in the morning, so we were up around 4 to head to the airport.

I was back at work by 11 that day… and the perfect day was just a memory. 

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One Response to A Perfect Epcot Day

  1. sue says:

    That does sound like a great day!
    I have thought about flying to Disney sometime just for a weekend and I’m glad to hear you did it and it was a good memory and worth it even for such a short visit.

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