Walt Disney World.. Its been a special place to me for over 10 years.  Epcot has always been my favorite park since I was old enough to appreciate it, and that was back in 2000 during the Millennium Celebration.

After dabbing in social media and Disney circles over the last year or so, I decided to take the plunge and start Illuminating Epcot.  I started it for a couple of reasons:

1) I love talking about Epcot, and want to put all that stuff thats in my head to good use.

2) My wife has been the only outlet for most of this information.. and I think she’s about at her limit, even though she has been converted to “The Disney side of the Force”

A bit about me:  I’m a 28 year old father, husband, student, Disney Fanatic (NDD110), Gamer, Techie and all around self proclaimed nerd.  I’ve made 12 (soon to be 13) trips to Walt Disney World over my lifetime, and just recently introduced my wife and son to the “World” and they have fallen in love with it as I have.

What you will see on this site: This was the roadblock for me, so here’s what I decided.  The tabs at the top of the page will be your unbiased plethora of information on Epcot, and everything inside of it.  What you’ll see if/when you go, and what shouldn’t be missed.  The regular blog portion of the site will be my honest thoughts on Epcot, and any fun, insightful tips, and whatnot I can include to make your experience and time at Epcot worth it.


Jennifer Ginn is a Disney Vacation Specialist based in the heartland of America, Kansas. Through her travel to both coasts, Disney destinations have always resonated as her favorite vacation spots. As an adult, she has spent many days traveling and exploring destinations across the country to bring the best expert advice to her clients. In addition, as an avid runner and athlete, she has taken many sports excursion and marathon trips to help other athletes book the best experience possible for their upcoming events. Her travel companion, Lucy the bulldog, has also help her experience unique places that are pet friendly across America. She would love to help you plan you next adventure, whether it be for an event, a trip with you pet or for pure relaxation. Contact her at jginn@hyperiontravelco.com or call 866-657-6665.

Hyperion Travel Company


Hi!  I am Elizabeth, aka @EWeaver6405 on Twitter.  I am a social work major and it keeps me extremely busy, but it’s what I love. I am the co-owner of Illuminating Epcot and starting this blog has been a dream come true. I am married to Mark (@IlluminatEpcot on Twitter) and we both love EPCOT, so working on this site has been amazing- not only because we get to do this together, and with friends, but also because of all the amazing people we have met along the way!





Hi! I’m Ashleigh (@bassclarinetgrl on Twitter) and I have been a Disney fan basically my whole life. Growing up we took family trips to Walt Disney World pretty much every year starting when I was two years old and EPCOT has always had a special place in my heart. My fiancee is not a Disney fan so I am excited to have an outlet for my Disney love! I am a foodie and amateur photographer at eatingmichigan.blog.com and a co-host and food expert of the Generation Mouse Podcast! The rest of the time, I am student teaching in a Kindergarten class. 

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  1. Hi Mark!

    My name is Dave Drumheller and I write the Digital Disney World blog. It is dedicated to showcasing ways that we can stay connected to Disney World using modern technology. I review apps, websites, etc. and also post digital pics on a regular basis. My most recent article is about Illuminating Epcot. You can check it out here:


    Thanks for creating a fun site and for providing the inspiration for my latest article! Keep up the great work!

    Dave Drumheller

  2. Lori Mitchell says:

    Is there a way to join this site to receive your newsletters? My husband and I love EPCOT the most!

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